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Relationship Between Furniture And Humans

Right from the Human Evolution; furniture one has been an integral part of human life and the evolution process. Humans furniture has also evolved, be it in terms of material, design, ergonomics, style functionality, and flexibility.

The Human Race has constantly demanded more and as they say that “necessity is the mother of invention” the need for more has pushed the furniture industry to grow by leaps and bounds.

From the times when furniture was used as a basic commodity to the times when furniture was embedded with jewels and precious stones; to becoming benchmarks of design; to becoming the definition of the luxury lifestyle; to becoming something people opt to get is designed and custom-built; furniture has been constantly under improvement zone.

Today, there is almost no material present on earth which is not used in making the Furniture products in one form or the other. The usage of different kinds of raw material in the production has expanded the horizons of designers and manufacturers. Today there is a wide variety of products available at the disposal of clients to choose from. Thanks to the think tanks of the furniture industry and the manufacturers who take the risk of making innovative products. Yes, there are risks involved and there are failures.

When we talk of furniture, the first thing that strikes our mind is wood. This is because for ages the furniture has been made in solid wood. So this has somewhat merged with our thought process. But in present there are engineered wood, wood looking PP material, metal painted like wood and various such other material which have replaced wood for the good of the environment and humankind.

Reasons to buy furniture are not necessarily the same for everyone. But India being a Culture Dynamic country, you see all shades and different reasons of buy Furniture. To list a few are

  1. When you shift into a new house
  2. While taking up a new office or expanding the existing one.
  3. Definitely when you need to change a certain piece of furniture.
  4. People buy furniture at the time of marriage in a house.
  5. To showcase your lifestyle.
  6. To save space
  7. To feel comfortable and functional.

There might be various other reasons as well. Please do suggest if you can think of some additional reasons.

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