Work From Home: Are we Ready?

Work from home seems to be the new normal. However, everyone is not ready for it. Mental pressure, alignment of work and home, and expectations of colleagues, bosses, and clients do not seem to fall in place.

It is important that we understand and follow certain mental shifts and be ready to change ourselves for good.

We believe that the following will help individuals to cope up with the current and upcoming times.

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  • Acceptance: Yes. Acceptance that the culture of WORK from Home has become part of our life and it is ok to be at home and still working. Our families need to understand this and all of us have to come out of the social dilemma that people who are going out are actually working and people who are staying back at home are either not working or jobless.
  • Culture: if you really want to be productive and self-satisfied with your effort, you need to develop a culture of honest and dedicated work timings and effort in spite of the fact that no one is watching you personally. Remember that Your true character will be reflected in your family members too.
  • Ambiance: If you believe that you need to perform well during your work hours at home, then get a good comfortable chair and table. This will not only invite you to work but also your better productivity will not hesitate to motivate you continuously. Additionally, A good net connection is a must.
  • Daily Connect: to stay involved, connected, and motivated; it is important that you connect with your workplace stakeholders on daily basis. This will keep you in the game and your mind will always be filled with challenging thoughts instead of thoughts on crisis management.
  • Socially Active: The time has taught us that no matter what is your bank balance, your true wealth is your friends. It is important to be in and enjoy the company of your family, relatives, and friends. This releases a lot of pressure and also gives you a sense of self validity. It has been proven in the past also that people who stay connected socially are more optimistic even during the times like we all are facing currently.

We are sure that the above suggestions if followed religiously, will be able to impact your life positively.

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